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Essentials Pack - Limited Stock

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Each pack includes:

  • Dove Soap Original - 1 pack of 2 x 100g
  • Toilet Paper Bea - 1 pack of 4 rolls
  • Liquid Soap DermoMed - 1 x 300ml
  • Dual Power Washing Up Liquid - 1 x 600ml
  • Dual Universal Cleaning Liquid - 1 x 750ml
  • Shampoo DermoMed 2 in 1 - 1 x 250ml
  • Shower Gel DermoMed - 1 x 500ml
  • Colgate Tooth Paste - 1 x 100ml

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RRP £23.90


NestAngel, the linen rental and supplies service for Airbnb flats, informed us that they have a limited amount of spare stock of medium- and large-size cleaning essentials, due to the reduced demand in the hospitality sector. We are making these available on short notice to help Laundryheap customers.

The items are packed into a "Essentials Pack" as seen above. You cannot select specific items only.

The items will be distributed on first-come-first-served basis as long as the stock. We will be notifying Laundryheap customers with priority.

Delivery is expected within 5-7 days, and you will be contacted additionally by email to confirm a suitable day and time for the delivery.

Due to the nature of this offer, and limited inventory, some items might be substituted with a suitable alternative.

If you wish to pay it forward, please place an order and enter "AGE UK" as the address and we will deliver the packs to elderly people selected by Age UK - London.

Profits from this campaign will be converted into packs and delivered to elderly people selected by AGE UK LONDON.

About Laundryheap

Laundryheap is an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service:

About NestAngel

NestAngel provides bed linen rental and other supplies to Airbnb hosts.

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